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Successful propositions are the ultimate route to marketing success

From the smallest refinement to full proposition development

Most of Research First's work on propositions concerns the development and refinement of products and services that are either on the market or which have a prototype specification or form in the mind of the client. The insight brief may be to find how best to refresh a proposition or make the most of an idea or an opportunity.

The ultimate aim is often to find a compelling point of differentiation that can give sustainable advantage. Experience shows that those in a target market are uniquely placed to review features and benefits and comment on how they can be best communicated. There may be little correlation between the cost of delivering a benefit and the extent to which it is valued.

Price is an important component of the overall proposition and Research First has undertaken a number of studies to measure what a client can charge for a proposition or proposition feature.

Occasionally Research First gets a wide open brief to create a proposition to exploit a gap that has been spotted in the market. This may require some form of exploratory research followed by a detailed quantification (possibly conjoint) study to help specify the most effective likely solution. All studies of this type have resulted in propositions that have been launched and met or exceeded marketing/business objectives.

Research First can support any aspect of proposition development

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